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Dane Komljen about his new film Afterwater

With Afterwater, the idea took hold to make a film as fluid as water itself, to begin

one story and make it flow seamlessly into another, drifting out ever further as

parallels, rhymes, and echoes appear. The starting point were tales about

submerged settlements and drowned histories which evolved into a study of a

certain type of landscape: a reflective surface onto which one projects stories and

images. This film explores lakes as biotopes and repositories of imagination,

capturing a multitude of species, languages, materials, temporalities and ways of

being together. A group of people gather by the side of a lake and, as they plunge

into it, the film shifts from present to past and future, from digital to celluloid and

analogue video, from community to community, body to body. Springing from the

experience of floating in cold water and that feeling of being touched by

everything, this is a film that forages for links between what we are, what we have

forgotten, and what we can’t yet see.

The world premiere of the film Afterwater, directed by Dane Komljen, will be held at the

72nd Berlin Film Festival - Berlinale 2022 as part of the Forum program selection.


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