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Want to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy to help increase brand recognition and awareness? From story conception to producing high quality engaging video content to your online audience, Dart video will help you to use video as a strategy for brand storytelling and building loyalty with your clients. Video Marketing comes in many types of video and each type of video corresponds to the specific phase of the sales funnel.


Video Marketing Funnels


Tell people about your brand through videos that appear in targeted search 



Inform and educate leads about your industry and the types of problems you solve via how-to videos



Convince leads to buy your product via testimonials, and product review videos



Show how you continue to add value to users' lives with user education, feature launches, and company culture videos



Video as Strategy


Brand Awareness and Reputation

Video content gets you seen and heard


Brand Trust

Your brand can build trust and loyalty with the emotional and human touch of video.


Social Engagement

People are more likely to share powerful videos.



Video content is a way for your brand to reach prospects, qualify leads and convert buyers.





Type of videos


Brand Videos- the most popular form of branded content, represents brand-driven storytelling with the human touch as the essence of this form of video.


Explainer Video- explains your business idea and services in a simple yet engaging and attractive way. Grab the viewer's attention in a matter of seconds and connect better with your potential customers.


Product review video- allows you to showcase your product by highlighting the importance of product details clearly and appealingly. This type of video helps you to increase sales conversion across different platforms. If you want to display your product effectively, these are some characteristics of a great

Product Review Video: 


Importance of product details

Importance of video over text

Descriptive text overlays

Answer questions and concerns

Good lighting, audio, backdrop, and quality



Corporate videos- the most popular is Company Culture Videos that can include employee interviews, team buildings, game days in the office, work anniversaries, birthday parties, and everything in between. These types of videos are widely used in the employer branding concept aimed at attracting the best and brightest job candidates.


Event videos-capture your special events by our creative videographers. Put together a highlight reel and summarize the purpose and key messages of your event. Spread your company's reputation, brand awareness by sharing those highlights across multiple channels. 


Tutorials, this type of video makes learning much easier. Educate, inform and entertain your audience at the same time. It's more interactive and engaging than printed or online help material.


Behind-the-Scenes, show people a different perspective and what is behind every amazing teamwork.

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