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First ten years

Dart film was founded in 2005 by Vladimir Vidic and Natasa Damnjanovic as a post-production studio. In the first ten years, our focus was to provide professional individual and team management services in film, video and television editing and post-production. We were a part of one of the most significant TV projects working in drama and non-drama content for television and video. Dart was responsible for leading a team of editors and other post-production professionals in international drama projects for Croatian AVA production group and licensed TV show formats like famous British "Got Talent" and "X factor" franchises for more than eight years working on every season broadcasted on RTS (Radio-television of Serbia) and RTV Pink. We also made more than ten short films and a vast number of documentary and video formats for corporate and government clients during this period.


Dart produced its first feature film in 2016, transforming the studio into a production house for independent art films. The company’s focus is on working with emerging talented filmmakers of the younger generation in the hope of forming a new creative wave in the regional film industry. We are focusing on European and international film co-production as a part of a broader approach to film production. The idea is to try and bridge the somewhat artificial gap formed between the so-called "art house" and "mainstream" films, bringing the two categories closer together. Dart film has produced and co-produced several features films, short films, and documentaries screened at various domestic and international festivals like Berlinale, Cannes, Rotterdam FF, Locarno FF, New York Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Sarajevo FF, Cottbus, FEST etc. One of the short films was nominated for the European Film Awards in 2015. Most notably, feature films "Vlaznost" (Humidity, by Nikola Ljuca) was an international co-production premiered at Berlinale and supported by Eurimages and "Svi severni gradovi" (All the Cities of the North, by Dane Komljen) was screened on more than 50 festivals worldwide during 2016 and 2017.  A co-production film, "I Was at Home, But" by German director Angela Schanelec, won Silver Bear for Best Director at Berlinale 2019.

Video production and creative services

Thanks to our international education, training, and more than 15 years of experience in the film, television and video industry, we are able to offer you a variety of creative video services. Dart provides a full production service for organizations and individuals that require a professional and creative production team. We will work with you to produce a professional video for business and promotional purposes. We will write a script, find talents, find locations, film, edit and do post-production. No matter how large or small, we can organize the entire production within your budget for all your production needs.

Every story is unique

Producing a film, video or TV advertising is a highly complex task. Therefore we gather some of the best crews in business today. We are basing our way of work on specific project needs. Every new idea demands a creative and professional team that feels the story best. That is why we assemble our creative and technical crews according to a particular project story, look and feel.


Some of the directors we worked with...

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