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Industry talk: The Challenges of Casting for International Co-Productions

Vladimir Vidic took part in the Shooting Stars programme Actors Industry Day

During this year's Berlinale, Europen Film Promotion organized Actors Industry Day as a part of the Shooting Stars programme. One of the events of the day was Case Study: The Challenges of Casting for International Co- Productions: MUSIC by Angela Schanelec

with Kirill Krasovski (Faktura Film, Germany), Vladimir Vidić (Dart Film, Serbia), Makis Gazis (casting director, Greece), Pippa Harrison (Spotlight, United Kingdom), moderated by Amra Bakšić Čamo.

MUSIC by Angela Schanelec (Berlinale Competition 2023) is a strong, audiovisual experience reminiscent of a moving painting. Music plays an important role and the actors lead the audience through this modern interpretation of an ancient myth. Setting up this co-production between Germany, France and Serbia and shooting in Greece with an international cast was a challenging task. The guests shared their peculiar experiences when it comes to casting and co-production, and how those experiences led them to make great discoveries. Producers loved to hear about coproduction and Shooting Stars are always interested in the Casting process, particularly when it is so “unique” as the one in this film.

To recall some great moments, we are sharing with you these pictures taken by Harald Fuhrl.


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